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Friday, 28 July 2017

#FridayFive, Back to Basics Edition

Want to increase positivity and happiness in your life? Make a list of things you are thankful for to develop an attitude of gratitude! I thought I'd go back to basics for this week, even though I covered some of that last week as well. I'll try to keep this week's different:

1. Food and water. Where these are readily available, we tend to take them for granted. But much of the world is impoverished and not everyone has access to nourishing food or clean potable water.

2. Shelter. Again, we often take the roof over our head as a given, but many are homeless or have poor, inadequate housing.

3. A warm bed to sleep in at night and the ability to sleep well. I admit that as I get older, I sometimes struggle with falling asleep or have my sleep interrupted partway through the night. A good rest is invaluable and one of the keys to good health.

4. Overall good health! Many consider this the most important thing in life and it certainly makes a difference to the quality of daily living. If you know anyone who suffers from chronic pain or a chronic condition, you have an idea of the truth of that. Even short-lived sickness reminds us of how much we appreciate health.

5. Work. We need gainful employment in order to have food, shelter, something to sleep on, medicines, etc. Sometimes we grumble about our work, workplaces, or colleagues, but the fact is all work has meaning and value, and without it our struggles would be more difficult.

What basics are you most thankful for today?
 #FridayFive was started by Lauren at Milly's Guide. What are you thankful for? Leave your reply in the comments or in your own blog post.


  1. Getting back to basics when being thankful is important, isn't it? I am thankful for all but #5. There I would put that I am thankful for being retired and being able to make ends meet. We don't live a life of luxury on this fixed income but we are managing! Have a good weekend Susan!

    1. Thank you, Paula. I will give thanks for retirement too, when that day comes!

  2. Well said, as usual, Susan! I'm grateful for the fact that my cat isn't ill any more. It was very disheartening when the little fluffball was so sick. No happiness. I'm grateful that I have money enough to buy what I want to to make my life a little gracious. I'm grateful for the taste of coffee. I'm grateful I have a great job. And a nice TV set.
    Shallow, huh. ;)
    I'm grateful that I can joke about being grateful, if ya know what I mean.

    1. It's hard when our furry friends are sick and listless; I'm glad your cat is well again. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list. All good things, even the TV set that brings you pleasure :)


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